We are equipped to allow vehicles to park on site, however we politely ask that in the interest of avoiding congestion and obstructions that you only drive your car if absolutely necessary.

Any vehicles left on site over night will be so at the owners own risk.

If anyone has a requirement for easy access to the site, please email Al or Aaron on and we will arrange for parking near to the main entry point. From there, access will be on grass but a lot closer than the car park.

In addition, we love our neighbours, and hope you will help us look after them, with that in mind, we would ask that in the unlikely event we fill up the car park please can we request that

You avoid parking on the streets near-by. Not only would this potentially cause disruption to closer community but we also have a working farm situated directly beside our site. Lots of large machinery will be coming up and down these road and so we would not want any accidental damage being caused.

For pedestrians, we simply ask you to leave as quietly as possible. We are still exploring the chance of having a minibus providing lifts to various places. Many of you will be more local and therefore inevitably start walking home and hope you will do so peacefully making sure all litter is disposed of sensibly throughout the day and beyond your exit from the site.

All the best,

Al and The Team